Hi, I'm Penny Banks!

I'm a busty BBW redhead with a charming smile, a naughty giggle and a penchant for getting messy.

I offer custom videos and live messy sessions. and you can check out my videos and clips for sale over at my store!


Age: 23

Height: 5'4"

UK Size: 16-18

Bra Size: 38G (all natural!)

Shoe Size: 6.5

Hair: Ginger/auburn

I started my messy journey in February 2017 when I was asked to model at the London Splosh Games. I wore a cute two-piece gingham and nervously got into the gunge tank....and it's all been downhill from there! I loved the humour, the silliness and the sensations, and it wasn't long before I got back into the gunge tank.

Soon enough I started making my own videos, almost as a diary of my exploration of the world of sploshing. I can't wait to try even more - why not book me for a session and introduce me to the things you love about WAM?

Things I love: Custard, gunge, lube, slime, cake-sitting, shaving foam, surprise pies to the face, filling my knickers, treacle and syrup, chocolate sauce, a bikini full of jelly, tight swimming costumes, messing up my hair, rolling around in a paddling pool filled with slime, getting tied & pied, humiliation WAM, forfeit games, anything pink, girly, fluffy or glittery!
Penny Banks' Shower Saboteur
Added 27 days ago    1241 views
Another shower scene for fans of them--with a twist! I start off naked in the shower lathering up my hair to get all the nasty green gunge out of it, and then start wash...

Penny Fills Her Swimsuit with Spaghetti!
Added 29 days ago    1277 views
I have a brand new black swimsuit so what better way to break it in than by immediately ruining it with spaghetti? I pour it down my ample cleavage, being careful not to...

Penny Scrubs Treacle off Her Naked Body
Added 29 days ago    909 views
Absolutely caked head to toe in litres of yoghurt, syrup, milk and treacles, I'm glad to finally get in the shower! I scrub as much as I can off my office skirt and whit...

2 files
Penny Banks' Pink Bikini
Added 4/8/18    2069 views
I finally have a paddling pool at home! Estella and I decide to celebrate by collecting as many pink items as we can for a bumper-length sploshfest. I'm wearing my supe...

Penny Banks--Knicker Knocker Glory
Added 1/29/18    3149 views
A dairy extravaganza culminating in absolute destruction! my first time with milk, ice cream, yoghurt, syrup, treacle! I'm in a lovely silky white shirt, white bra, tig...

Tied and Slimed: The Remix
Added 1/13/18    1861 views
Name your price!
As a little seperate extra to tied&slimed my awesome editor slipperyskin surprised me with this video and I've gotta share it with you all! This is a remix of the vi...

2 files
Penny Banks Tied and Slimed!
Added 1/9/18    3229 views
My first bondage scene, my first head dunking scene and the debut of my nipples on umd--don't miss out on this triple whammy! With my wrists cuffed to ankles in my white...

Destroying My Doc Martens with Savoury Mess
Added 11/21/17    935 views
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After 3 long years of stomping around, my beloved Doc Martens finally gave up the ghost and broke. What better way to give them a send off than filling them with ketchup...

Penny and Estella Wrestle in a Pool of Lube!
Added 9/26/17    3247 views
Watch me introduce my sexy friend to her first gungey experience! Estella and I get two big buckets of lube for a slippery messy fight. We start by sensually pouring it...

Penny Banks: Miss Muffet
Added 8/13/17    2884 views
1 review!
After my political pies video I realised how much I love the feeling of smooth, slippery custard, and Estella was happy to oblige! I dressed up with in an adorable pink...

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