Penny Banks Tied and Slimed!
Starring the following model:
"Head dunking, bondage and Penny's boobs!"

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My first bondage scene, my first head dunking scene and the debut of my nipples on umd--don't miss out on this triple whammy!

With my wrists cuffed to ankles in my white crop top, short skirt and jelly shoes, I squeal and whimper as buckets of gunge are thrown over me and splatter all over me--no escape! However I can't help but start splashing around and playing with the gunge, noticing how slippery and slimey it is. My outfit quickly becomes almost transparent and clings to my voluptous curves. I have fun pouring the gunge into my shoes and feeling my bare feet squishing in them and rubbing the gunge all over my huge natural boobs.

More buckets of slime are poured down my top and completely drench my tits and I slide face-down, suddenly realising I'm completely immobilised and helpless to stop the gunge from drenching my hair! No amount of wriggling or writhing can stop the onslaught and all I can do is try to enjoy myself while the paddling pool fills up with gunge. As I roll over my breasts fall straight out of my top but with my hands bound I can't even cover my modesty! It's time for my very first head dunk and I'm freed from my shackles so I can dunk my giant bosoms into the gunge.

Then, anticipation building, I'm grabbed by the hair...and shoved face first into the gunge! I can't breathe as my mouth and face are completely enveloped by thick green mess and take in a lungful of air before getting dunked again...and again!

Unfortunately, I enjoyed my dunking so much that I had to stop filming and do some terribly naughty things...I'm still a little shy you see! If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like this, let me know! I love reading your comments and reviews .
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"My favourite scene from Penny so far!"
My favourite scene from Penny so far! Loved every minute of it and can't wait to watch future content :) Creamy_mess, 9/3/18

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